Monday, 16 May 2011

The push we needed!

I don't think I have mentioned on this blog what got this whole crazy Airstream adventure (for adventure read hard work) started.

Although we have been aware of Airstreams for a long while and thought 'one day....' something pushed us over the edge. That something is this book 'My Cool Caravan'. It is an amazing book and it somehow gave us the extra push we needed to jump into the caravan life.

Chris and Jane also have a website and Facebook page and have just released another book 'My Cool Campervan' and although I have no intension of getting a campervan, the pics look so good this is going on my wish list too!

But beware if you do get this book you might just find yourself the owner of a caravan a few months later!!

All pics in this post are from the 'My Cool Caravan' book.

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